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Smoker Annuities

  • Smoking is not considered good for your health but it can be good for your pension; smokers qualify for better pension (otherwise known as annuity) rates - get your Smoker Pension/Annuity Quote here now.  

  • Do you smoke 10 cigarettes or more per day and have you done for the last 10 years or more? Compare providers using this online calculator and get your personal illustration. 

  • Before you purchase an annuity please do use the free Full Smoker Pension/Annuity Quote facility.

Smokers Can Get Higher Pensions


So why exactly are annuities for smokers higher than those who don’t smoke? Statistics have shown that heavy smokers may have a shorter life expectancy than those who don’t smoke. Because of this, many annuity providers offer increased stipends to those who have incorporated smoking into their lifestyle. As you age, your annuity rate will continue to increase, with standard rate increases occurring every five years, on average.


How Do You Apply? 


Have you ever had the feeling that, as you move from the workforce to retirement, businesses and service organisations treat you differently? Do you feel unsatisfied or unsure about the open market annuity services you’ve read about or heard your friends discuss? Here at MyLovelyRetirement, we pride ourselves on offering superior support and consultation for individuals and couples approaching their golden years. You’ve spent a lifetime working hard for those you care about, and it’s time for you to receive the benefits you’ve earned!


So what exactly does MyLovelyRetirement do? Unlike traditional, sales-based open market annuity services, our goal isn’t to dazzle you with advertisements or lofty promises. We work diligently to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed, educated decisions about their pension plans. By comparing a range of rates and service packages from leading UK providers, we can help you determine which policy is most in keeping with your lifestyle.


We specialise in annuity packages for those with varying lifestyle choices, including those who smoke. Our team of experienced financial professionals will guide you through the smoker annuity rates offered by the UK’s most trusted open market annuity companies.


If you’re ready to apply for a smoker’s annuity, contact us immediately! We will help guide you through the process and ensure that you’re given the information you need to make an educated decision. Having earned the reputation of being one of the UK’s leading annuity company specialists, we are committed to providing expert advice to all of our clients and we look forward to hearing from you.


Smoking Is Good For Your Pension - Get The Best Rate:

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Smoker Annuities

Finding the best smoker pension can really pay off. It’s possible to earn up to 39% more income on a smoker pension! The information below has been provided to help you learn more about your available options. If you want to know more then please contact us. Our success is measured in the quality of life of our clients. We are heavily invested in your future happiness, and will work with you directly to ensure that you buy a smoker annuity with the very best rate.


Information About Smoker Annuities


If you smoke you are likely to be eligible for a better annuity (pension) than those who don't. A smoker’s annuity can increase your income significantly, depending on how heavily you smoke.


A smoker annuity is above a standard annuity (one offered to non-smokers in good health) and it can be much higher than a standard annuity so is worth quoting even if you are fit and healthy.


To qualify for a smoker pension/annuity you will normally have to be smoking 10 cigarettes or more per day and have done so for the last 10 years or more; the equivalent in smoking tobacco (around 85 grams or 3 ounces) should also count. Whilst smoking cigars and/or a pipe doesn't normally qualify for an increased annuity rate you may benefit due to any medical conditions resulting from smoking. Again, you should use the Smoker Annuity Calculator to find out.


Remember, if you do smoke 10 or more cigarettes each day and have done so for at least 10 years you will be eligible for an increased annuity so don't accept the standard rate your existing provider offers you without checking here first!


However, if you have other ailments as well as smoking, such as high blood pressure for example, then fill out our enhanced annuity calculator as you could benefit from even higher rates.


Who Can Apply For Smoker Annuities?


If you’re ready to find a smoker annuity, you first have to be confident that you qualify for the benefits provided by these packages. The generous smoker annuity rates offered by leading pension companies are only available to those with a history of cigarette smoking. Pipe or cigar use does not qualify you for these rates. Typically, increased pension rates are available to those who have smoked 10 cigarettes or more daily for at least 10 years before applying for a pension. (MLR) is a trading style of Farsight Financial which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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