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Buying A Postcode Annuity - Get The Best Rate:

  • Most of the major annuity (pension) providers will give better rates if you live in certain parts of the UK; to find out if you benefit - get your Postcode Pension/Annuity Quote here now. 

  • Do you live in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester or Newcastle? Even living by the sea in Blackpool can boost your pension. Compare providers using this online calculator and get your personal illustration. 

  • Before you purchase an annuity use our free Pension Comparison Engine:

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Postcode Annuities

Postcode annuities are based on life expectancy figures; the worse average life expectancy is in an area the better the annuity is likely to be. In fact reports suggest that just living in one such area can boost your income by as much as 6%. This is before providers start to take account of any medical conditions you might have; if you do have such conditions then you may qualify for a further increase by buying an enhanced annuity.


The Office for National Statistics publish life expectancy tables and annuity providers pay a higher pension to those who are expected to live for the shortest (retative) time. So, if you live in an area of lower life expectancy you will qualify for a higher annuity regardless of your health or anything else.


It's very difficult to know whether or not you do live in such an area and so qualify for a postcode annuity but our Postcode Pension/Annuity Quote facility includes providers offering enhancements; just input your details to find out. Don't forget that any uplift due to where you live will be in addition to increases you qualify for because of health or lifestyle factors.


So, use the Postcode Pension/Annuity Quote facility to get an idea of what annuity to expect and do include anything you feel might improve your annuity rate. (MLR) is a trading style of Farsight Financial which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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