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Enhanced Annuity

  • Your age and your lifestyle can significantly affect the amount you get as a pension (also known as an annuity)  - get your Enhanced Pension/Annuity Quote here now. aaaaa

  • Medical conditions such as chronic asthma, liver disease and high blood pressure may mean you receive a much higher pension than those in good health. Compare providers using this online calculator and get your personal illustration. 

  • Before you purchase an annuity please do use the free Full Enhanced Pension/Annuity Quote facility.

If you're not sure whether you qualify or not it's still worth checking to see if you can get a better annuity than the one you're being offered by your pension scheme or provider.


To get the best enhanced annuity you need independent help to give you access to the whole market and all providers; you can't go back and request an enhanced annuity after you've bought a standard one.


And don't hold back - make sure you tell us about your health and lifestyle – if you don't you could lose out.


For individuals who may experience medical ailments that impair their quality or length of life, a variety of enhanced annuity rates are available providing increased financial resources to those who may need their income supplemented during retirement.


About The Rates


In similar fashion to annuity companies who cater for those who smoke or have diabetes, enhanced annuity providers offer larger monthly stipends to those who, statistically, have a shorter life span.  


Most of our clients purchasing enhanced annuities typically receive a 5%-10% increase on their monthly income. Depending upon your particular postcode, you may qualify for an additional increase due to elevated risks of cancer or heart disease. More common ailments, such as obesity, high blood pressure and high-volume alcohol consumptions can also qualify you for these specialised rates.


Currently, there are over 1500 medical conditions that qualify for supplemental enhanced annuity. If you are diagnosed with an adverse medical condition, contact us today to see if you quality for enhanced life annuity.


How Do You Apply? 


If you’re like many aging UK residents, your desire for a successful career and prosperous lifestyle has, over the past decades, transformed into a passion for a secure and comfortable future during retirement. Thanks to a number of generous and lucrative open market annuity services and enhanced annuity providers, individuals nearing retirement age have at their disposal the programmes they need to successfully secure their future.


Here at MyLovelyRetirement, our primary objective is to pair individuals or couples with annuity packages that best match their lifestyles and expectations. We understand that there’s no “perfect” solution that is amenable to the population at large. Because of this, our highly trained financial experts are happy to talk to you to discuss available options, allowing you to make a confident and informed decision about your future. Unfortunately, many of our competitors are so driven by sales figures that the primary objective - securing future happiness for the customer - is cast aside. At My Lovely Retirement, we approach our clients with the same respect that we would give our own family members. The success of our business is measured by the sentiment and well-being of our customers.


If you’ve decided that you’re interested in purchasing an enhanced pension annuity, contact us today! Using our enhanced annuity calculator, we can help you determine the likely monthly income you could receive from available enhanced annuity rates. After reviewing available options, you can fill out the enhanced annuity form to begin the process of registration.


As with any of our services, our team will be with you each step of the way, helping you locate opportunities that will benefit you over the long term. Nothing satisfies us more than helping a new client find much-needed peace of mind in this period of change in their life! Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.


Buying An Enhanced Annuity - Get The Best Rate:

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  • Finds the best rate from our panel of leading UK pension annuity providers.

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  • Gives an indication of what you could get:

Enhanced Annuities

If you suffer from poor health you can qualify for a higher annuity (pension) by buying enhanced annuity from one of the specialist providers that offer them.

Particular ailments will automatically qualify for an enhanced annuity; if you suffer from any of the following:


- chronic asthma

- rheumatoid arthritis

- liver disease

- high blood pressure and hyper tension

- breast cancer

- prostate cancer

- heart attacks

- bowel cancer

- multiple sclerosis

- angina

- obesity

- Parkinson’s disease


then you should get in touch and see what rate we can get you for an enhanced annuity. If you have a poor diet and/or unhealthy lifestyle you may also qualify.


Did you know that 29% of women and 32% of men suffer from high blood pressure or hyper tension? That’s a significant proportion of retirees who could qualify for a higher pension from an enhanced annuity. You could be one of them.


You may not think that you are obese either, but many people at retiring age will fall into that category and that will allow them to get an enhanced annuity also. 24% of men and 26% of women are obese. It is up to the annuity provider to determine if you are or not.


There are also 100,000 people in the UK with multiple sclerosis who should be eligible for higher enhanced annuity rates.


68% of men between 60 and 69 years old in the UK will qualify for an enhanced annuity under one of the above ailments.


Other ways of qualifying for an enhanced annuity are through your postcode – based on where you live you could get a much higher rate so make sure your postcode is accurate on the quote form; the type of job you do can also pay out higher on an enhanced annuity. For example, dog walkers, manual labourers and heavy goods vehicle drivers are all known job types that can pay higher annuities as they qualify for enhanced rates.


Enhanced annuities are less "personalised" than impaired annuities:


They pay a higher annuity rate to those with particular lifestyles (heavy drinkers or the overweight for example). The specialist providers take the view that, as you're not likely to live as long as the average person, they can pay you a higher income (for a shorter period!). (MLR) is a trading style of Farsight Financial which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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