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  • An ill health pension is personal to you and your condition so you need to tell the insurance companies everything you can to get the best rate possible. Compare providers using this online calculator and get your personal illustration.mmm

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Impaired Annuity - if you are seriously ill with conditions such as cancer or heart disease you could qualify for the highest annuity rates and biggest pension income available. An impaired-life annuity pays out more to people with particular health problems (for example a triple heart bypass) and reflects your own personal circumstances as opposed to enhanced annuities that are for less serious conditions and more generalised. With impaired annuities no two people are alike and your full medical history will be considered, usually including reference to your doctor's records; this means you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to receive a pension that reflects your personal situation.


Our role is to help you to make sure all specialist providers are aware of your medical condition or conditions (there are only a handful of such providers) and liaise with them so that they can provide an accurate quotation based on your specific situation. Whichever quote/calculator you decide is right for you you must fill it in as accurately and completely as possible; remember the more severe the conditions you disclose, the better the pension you get.


And don't forget your partner's medical history; give equal detail for his or her state of health if you are looking at a joint annuity.

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Annuity Enhancements

Many people suffer ill health and often as a result they take early retirement or ill health retirement; when doing so they would normally qualify for an ill health retirement pension. Whether you retire early or not though Insurance companies will increase your pension (annuity) if you suffer from a medical condition that could, in theory, shorten your life expectancy; the condition doesn't have to be serious and in fact there are over 1,500 different illnesses that would get you a higher pension. On top of that insurance companies will also increase your pension due to many lifestyle factors.


Some of the most common conditions that would pay higher pensions (annuities) include high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart attacks whilst typically lifestyle factors such as smoking or above average weight can also increase your income in retirement. The current top ten medical conditions can be found here: (MLR) is a trading style of Farsight Financial which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Insurance companies have different categories for ill health pensions (annuities) to signify why and to what level the pension has been increased; these are the four main ones:


Smoker Annuity - if you smoke you are likely to be eligible for a better annuity (pension) than those who don't. To qualify you will normally have to be smoking 10 cigarettes or more a day and have done so for the last 10 years or more; the equivalent in smoking tobacco (around 85 grams or 3 ounces) should also count. Many smokers also suffer from conditions resulting from their smoking (high blood pressure for example) so you may actually qualify for an ill health pension as well as benefiting from a smokers rate. Smoker rates can be much higher than a standard annuity so it is worth getting a quote even if you are fit and healthy.


Diabetic Annuity - as a diabetic you will be able to apply for the enhanced diabetic annuity rates that some providers offer. Pension providers calculate that diabetics won't live as long as people who do not suffer from the disease; how long and therefore how much more your pension (annuity) will be depends on the severity and type of diabetes you have. The highest rates are generally for those with insulin dependent diabetes as this can result in related diseases of the kidney, eyes, heart and poor circulation but there are, of course, degrees of all diabetes and so it's important that when you request your Diabetic Annuity Quote you provide as much information as you can; often providers will request further information from your GP.


Enhanced Annuity - medical conditions such as chronic asthma, liver disease and high blood pressure may mean you receive a much higher pension than those in good health. Enhanced annuity rates (so bigger pensions) are also available to those with particular lifestyles (heavy drinkers or the overweight for example). The specialist providers take the view that, as you're not likely to live as long as the average person, they can pay you a higher income (for a shorter period!).

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